Thursday, 14 March 2013

Post presentation - List of things to do

Everything updated up to now was done before my presentation on the 8th March and in it, i made a list of thing i have done and things i need to do so i will add them here as a reminder as they are quite important.

Things done so far:
UDK - Created planned structured terrain with textures and assets attached.
Made swimmable textured water.
Few essential assets - pathway, trees, etc.
Added sunlight with light shafts and fog to set scene and colours.

Things to do next:
Complete unfinished textures for current assets.
Make skydome then the sun disc for my main directional sunlight.
Make leaves on the first tree variation to populate forest more.
Complete plans for house exterior and begin to build.
Begin to make important assets for section 2
Section 1 - Make a small shelter for the first checkpoint along the plank path.
Clean up and finalise terrain shape/accessibility.
A few more tree/bush/grass variations.
Make swamp plant assets for section 1 pathway.

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