Tuesday, 12 March 2013

FMP 1 - Building Terrain

I built a terrain with terrain editor and began to shape out the path shown in my plan. It needed to be the lowest ground so i could add a fluid surface actor and build water since it is covering quite a large amount of area. In the distance, section 2 is all the raised part as my path will have stairs towards the end to lead you to that section and land will be more raised and closed in with more editing. Terrain editor makes it quick easy to adjust and smooth out areas and the collision is already built in.

These are the main foundations down. They are edited later to fit.

I added the fluid surface actor (shown vaguely below) and water into my level pretty quickly so i could get it working properly and ready to texture because the water is an important part overall and constant throughout the level. I will show my water in detail in another post.

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