Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Weapons Interest Section 1, 2, 3

Alongside environments and minor asset creation, i also actually have a large interest in weapons. Being a player of role playing fantasy games, i love to see different types of weapons that adapt to the game world and have different properties to others. I also like to see extravagant crazy power weapons that you just know are gonna be bad ass. Over sized highly detailed swords and transforming guns with a heap of attachments, i love them all.

I want to create a few weapons to place in my environment to display a sense of danger, with hunting guns and construction, with the axe. I want to make a simple hunting rifle with scope attachment, the picture i found shows you can edit the textures to make variable skins. A simple wood cutting axe. A knife to show that if animals were hunted they have been skinned for clothing or possibly food. The crossbow shown is specifically a Perfectline 80LB Self Cocking Pistol Crossbow. I found this adds to the hunting weapons but is also quite different. Putting purpose within the environment aside, i want to make these multiple weapons for my portfolio, so i need to make these well and in high detail to show skills and interest in asset/weapon creation. I might try to add a bit of a surprise weapon within the house too.

The pictures below are of the first weapon i created in my first year of study at uni. A rather simple sword with simple diffuse, normals and spec. I want to practice improve on this drastically.

Section 1 quick sketch

A quick sketchup idea of the area you to begin at, a long simple winding path leading to the stairs that will lead you to house exterior. You can see assets i definitely want to include in this section. Trees, wooden plank path, lanterns, swamp water, swamp plants. Extras i might want to include might be a couple of wider checkpoints in between to break up the path and contain a few different assets.

I will try to paint over this to bring out the flat areas and give a better view of my intended outcome.

Inspiration for Section 2 and 3 House Exterior/Interior

I think this is the perfect inspiration reference i can carry about with me and constantly observe for my project. They are a couple of the latest issues but i need the newest one. Grand Designs showcases self made homes that people (with lots of money of course) design and build from scratch. They are all designed uniquely,  modernised and futuristic but also are made to be very sustainable in that they can gather their own energy and resources. The exteriors can be architecturally fascinating and the interior, cool, calm, clean, relaxed and homely.

If i come across anything useful for my project that is worth sharing like certain ornaments, furniture or layouts, i will post a few on here.

Friday, 15 February 2013

FMP - Layout Plan

This is to give the main idea in my head a bit of structure before I start to give layouts and concepts. I want the level to be split into three main sections.

  1. You begin at a narrow pathway leading to the steps that take you to the next “section”
  2. After climbing the steps, you reach a more open area where you can see the outside of the house but you can also explore around all angles of the house.
  3. Will be when you reach the house and go inside to explore.

So 3 main “sections” I want to break it into. The level will be rather small but I want to try and pack things in.

With these 3 sections I can have separate asset lists and UDK effects I want to give because these sections, although connected will have different atmospheres when you enter them. 3 rough asset lists will follow after this, followed by rough concepts and more interesting research I may come across to give me ideas for when I create my common assets and own unique furniture assets.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

My Project Brief - Full

Kane Dainton - BA Game Art Design 3rd Year - FMP – Project Brief

For my Final Major Project, I am to design and create an explorable, playable environment, part photo realistic, the rest painted. The environment will be a challenge to improve and showcase skills with organic assets and objects (assets) you see in the real world but also a large variety of made up realistic objects and a few special detailed assets (weapons, large equipment). Also, because it will a playable environment, I would like to display simple dynamic elements to give life to the organic assets and an atmosphere so you can tell what time of day it is, if this place gives off certain moods, lights in different places and so on.

My final decision:
So I am going for, is a small closed in swampy forest that will have a single path leading to the main area. The main area will open up a bit into a current time, modern custom style built home with references to sourcing its own energy and being made from materials in the surrounding area, hence the swampy forest in the beginning. With this one simple idea, it sets up a wide range of possible assets and dynamic elements I could make to fill this environment and give it some interest. I can use and find loads of reference for these in high street shops, new build houses along the outskirts of town and at local parks.
This house will hold the large variety of ornamental assets I hope to make, have preferably large glass windows or walls and good lighting to set the scene and open out a good view of the surrounding area you travel through to get here. The variety of assets is to show how many different types of materials and effects I can pull off such as specular, bump, reflections and so on which I need to work on personally. The environment is mostly outside so a skydome is needed.

Extra work I could do would be sounds to add the environment that changes where you go. Alongside the initial dynamic elements I want to go for, if I have spare time, I could possibly carry on extending and have interactive assets, since it’s playable but these are just extra and not a definite depending on my state of work at certain timeframes. The environment as whole is what matters.

Software to be used: (what I am most comfortable with)
3ds Max 2013
UDK Editor

Equivalent to a PS3 or Xbox 360 game. No specific tri limit but assets should not be made too dense. The special or hero assets will contain more detail but as a whole, the environment should try to stay even on tris and 1024x1024 textures. If I create an opening in the closed off area that displays an environment in the distance, the LOD will be significantly reduced depending on distance.

1.       5-10 beauty screenshots of the environment displaying different perspectives and as much as possible into each shot.
A video flythrough of the level from beginning to end, around 30 seconds long.