Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Weapons Interest Section 1, 2, 3

Alongside environments and minor asset creation, i also actually have a large interest in weapons. Being a player of role playing fantasy games, i love to see different types of weapons that adapt to the game world and have different properties to others. I also like to see extravagant crazy power weapons that you just know are gonna be bad ass. Over sized highly detailed swords and transforming guns with a heap of attachments, i love them all.

I want to create a few weapons to place in my environment to display a sense of danger, with hunting guns and construction, with the axe. I want to make a simple hunting rifle with scope attachment, the picture i found shows you can edit the textures to make variable skins. A simple wood cutting axe. A knife to show that if animals were hunted they have been skinned for clothing or possibly food. The crossbow shown is specifically a Perfectline 80LB Self Cocking Pistol Crossbow. I found this adds to the hunting weapons but is also quite different. Putting purpose within the environment aside, i want to make these multiple weapons for my portfolio, so i need to make these well and in high detail to show skills and interest in asset/weapon creation. I might try to add a bit of a surprise weapon within the house too.

The pictures below are of the first weapon i created in my first year of study at uni. A rather simple sword with simple diffuse, normals and spec. I want to practice improve on this drastically.

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