Friday, 15 February 2013

FMP - Layout Plan

This is to give the main idea in my head a bit of structure before I start to give layouts and concepts. I want the level to be split into three main sections.

  1. You begin at a narrow pathway leading to the steps that take you to the next “section”
  2. After climbing the steps, you reach a more open area where you can see the outside of the house but you can also explore around all angles of the house.
  3. Will be when you reach the house and go inside to explore.

So 3 main “sections” I want to break it into. The level will be rather small but I want to try and pack things in.

With these 3 sections I can have separate asset lists and UDK effects I want to give because these sections, although connected will have different atmospheres when you enter them. 3 rough asset lists will follow after this, followed by rough concepts and more interesting research I may come across to give me ideas for when I create my common assets and own unique furniture assets.

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