Friday, 9 November 2012

Potential effects list

Here is a list of possible dynamic elements and special effects i might want running in my environment. For me effects is a big interest of mine so if i can give myself the time to learn as much as i can and place them into my level 1 by 1, hopefully i can achieve a level with lots of movement and life. Anyway:

  • Moving/flowing water
  • Spinning wheels (water wheel, wind turbines)
  • Fire (in the fireplace)
  • Floating objects (glowing lights or flys in the forest)
  • Mist (separating the pathway to the main house at the beginning
  • Dynamic lighting and shadows
  • Moving skydome
  • Lightly moving trees/leaves/plants
  • Alphas (windows, leaves)
  • Reflections (water)
  • Emissives (lights)
Don't count on me to do every single one of these but i will certainly try and do each one 1 by 1 even if i make them simple then fix them up into something special at the end if i give myself the time :)

Potential asset list

Before i begin concepting i will make a quick list of potential assets i want in my environment. Then i can start to use them in concepts and plan layouts and such.

  • Variation of trees
  • Tree stumps
  • Wooden plank pathway
  • Wooden staircase
  • Variation of plants
  • The house itself
  • Fireplace
  • Windows
  • Various tools (axe)
  • Various kitchen stuff (kettle)
  • Various lounge stuff (sofa)
  • Various ornaments (vase)
  • Various bedroom stuff (bed)
  • Wind turbines
  • Water wheel
  • Solar panels
  • Variation of rocks
  • Storage (barrels)
  • Signs
  • House lights
  • Outdoor Lanterns
  • Computer, laptop

My chosen colour palette

I added dark gradients to get an idea of how they might look in different lighting settings.

I want to go for warm earthy tones. The yellow is the stand out colour for me which i will try to use randomly on objects and dotted around the environment. A few colours are a basic representation but what i have shown will obviously be varied depending on lighting and the type of texture.

After modelling and unwrapping assets, i will place these colours onto them as a blockout and place them into the environment to get a quick view of combinations and so on, meaning it makes things easier when it comes to defining the proper textures and the placingness of objects.

Most interesting external referance



External Referance 1

Here are initial environment ideas which i thought about but decided not to go for. I was thinking house perched on top of a mountain all alone. The reason i decided not to is because i would rather have most of the area closed in with a distant view which you can only really see through a gap. Obviously that means i will need to make it more personal to the person living there. Maybe they want to shut the rest of the world out and live in such claustrophobic conditions. With this in mind i can also start adding a bit of character to the house related to certain feelings or characteristics the person or persons living in this house may have.

Initial ideas

So my initial ideas for my FMP which i would probably like to stick to after a few weeks of thought are as follows.

I want to create a modern day but present eco house such as ones you see made today that shows evidence that it can fully generate its own energy and even possibly food, through classic, modern and futuristic methods.

That way i can place this house alone and in the middle of nowhere meaning i could make the surrounding area quite interesting but it will also need to be an area in which you can gather many sources of energy.

If i am to find as many ways as possible to portray methods for gathering energy, i was thinking of blending more than one type of environment together but not making it fully accessible so showing you in the distance that you live in quite a lonely but resourceful vista.

This means i would need lots of photo realistic models and textures and first hand referance. However if the house is going to be modern i can create a lot of furniture myself. To add to the add naturalistic style, the house could show furniture and extensions made from the environment around you such as wood and plants and so on.

Im not sure whether to add a few twists just yet because i love fantasy but this would be a massive challenge for me as it is because i would need to show lots of dyamic elements of realistic, natural and mechanic processes that all blend in together.

In fact as much as this whole project may be interesting, my risk it that it could be boring and basic so i think the surrounding area around this house needs to be perhaps a bit mysterious and if i can make good use of lighting, maybe i can make this work.

Wish me luck lol.

Thursday, 8 November 2012


Hi guys this is the beginning of my FMP (final major project) blog, i will try to keep yall updated as much as possible when i discover anything, make any changes, produce anything or have anything interesting to say regarding this project. For those of you that don't know, this is my final project for my final (3rd) year at De Montfort University - Game Art Design. Enjoy!!1 :)