Friday, 9 November 2012

Initial ideas

So my initial ideas for my FMP which i would probably like to stick to after a few weeks of thought are as follows.

I want to create a modern day but present eco house such as ones you see made today that shows evidence that it can fully generate its own energy and even possibly food, through classic, modern and futuristic methods.

That way i can place this house alone and in the middle of nowhere meaning i could make the surrounding area quite interesting but it will also need to be an area in which you can gather many sources of energy.

If i am to find as many ways as possible to portray methods for gathering energy, i was thinking of blending more than one type of environment together but not making it fully accessible so showing you in the distance that you live in quite a lonely but resourceful vista.

This means i would need lots of photo realistic models and textures and first hand referance. However if the house is going to be modern i can create a lot of furniture myself. To add to the add naturalistic style, the house could show furniture and extensions made from the environment around you such as wood and plants and so on.

Im not sure whether to add a few twists just yet because i love fantasy but this would be a massive challenge for me as it is because i would need to show lots of dyamic elements of realistic, natural and mechanic processes that all blend in together.

In fact as much as this whole project may be interesting, my risk it that it could be boring and basic so i think the surrounding area around this house needs to be perhaps a bit mysterious and if i can make good use of lighting, maybe i can make this work.

Wish me luck lol.

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