Friday, 9 November 2012

Potential effects list

Here is a list of possible dynamic elements and special effects i might want running in my environment. For me effects is a big interest of mine so if i can give myself the time to learn as much as i can and place them into my level 1 by 1, hopefully i can achieve a level with lots of movement and life. Anyway:

  • Moving/flowing water
  • Spinning wheels (water wheel, wind turbines)
  • Fire (in the fireplace)
  • Floating objects (glowing lights or flys in the forest)
  • Mist (separating the pathway to the main house at the beginning
  • Dynamic lighting and shadows
  • Moving skydome
  • Lightly moving trees/leaves/plants
  • Alphas (windows, leaves)
  • Reflections (water)
  • Emissives (lights)
Don't count on me to do every single one of these but i will certainly try and do each one 1 by 1 even if i make them simple then fix them up into something special at the end if i give myself the time :)

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