Thursday, 14 March 2013

FMP 7 - Grass update

So i painted my own grass texture combining some downloaded grass silhouette brushes for photoshop then painted more colour and detail into the strands to make them my own.

I followed a rather detailed complex tutorial on how to set up wind movement for the grass. It also has custom lighting and specular built in. The way it was built is that when i add the wind setting and values, this material equation will tell the wind how to affect the vertex paint (or so it said).

When it was all set up, i created a material constant and the parameters within, allowed me to change wind speed and other settings. You add that to the grass static mesh and the then that should make the effects begin.

Adding a wind actor and changing the direction arrow allowed me to also change the direction the grass was blowing which was a bit of a nice bonus. You can see a difference in movement when you change direction but its only slight. You can also affect the speed to show how powerful the wind is blowing the grass.

I also did something new in 3ds Max which i have not done before. It was using the edit normals modifier to paint in values onto the grass mesh allowing me to control which part blows in the wind and which doesn't. I obviously don't want the grass attached to the floor to move so i learnt how to prevent this from happening while keeping the top able to flow freely.

To make the grass more breezy i changed the mesh from a single poly plane to a 2 poly plane which might have been risky since i wanted to use the grass to populate a lot of the terrain.

To add the grass mesh fast and randomly onto the terrain in UDK, i used foliage mode which allows me to change the size and density of the grass when placing all over (like deco layers). Its easy to add or clear up any areas later.

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