Thursday, 14 March 2013

FMP 6 - Water update

I followed a simple tutorial on how to make a water material using one normal map i made it myself to look slightly wavey. Another texture was made to cause its own specular light reflections since the material is unlit. The normal map is duplicated and varied in movement and speed using panner and texture coordinates. I toned them down to make the water calmer but still have movement like there is a wind blowing. The only thing i didn't learn was to make the water not fully transparent. If i want swampy water, it should be a bit more murky and hard to see through with more transparency close to edges of land. I know this can be achieved but i will look into it later because i don't want to spend too much time on this and i am still pleased with my current outcome.

Using the fluid surface actor layer and building a water volume and a post process volume underneath with the builder brush, i was quickly able to make and adjust swimmable water with the slow movement when you jump in and move about to the typical blurry effect when you are submerged. They can all be tweaked later but i have rather realistic settings already in place.

Since it is a rather big area of water throughout the level, i made the volume cubes quite big but i dont think it matters greatly as the lowest ground is the water and everywhere else is higher, just so you dont start swimming randomly about in weird spots.

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