Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Final Layout 1 Sketch + Change of Plans

So i just drew this up quickly to finalise the whole level structure, its a bit crappy but hey. I will actually make an updated one and edit it in photoshop if i make any changes or just to label and identify key areas of interest.

You begin at the bottom of the picture on or near the pathway and work your way through the turns. As discussed in my presentation, since the pathway is long, i want to add points of interest at each turn to give the environment more edge and reason such as different tree variations, unique plants, floaty effects and so on. The shaded area is the rest of the terrain that is a more raised ground and will contain the trees and grass and busy foliage. the whole section around the outside of the house is Section 2 which will be the more lived in area with more man made assets.

My change of plans are to cut out section 3 so to decrease the amount of work to complete the environment in general. Because i am going to make section 1 quite interesting and section 2 around the house i would rather make the inside of the house inaccessible but you will still be able to look inside of it through large windows. I can focus my details on other sections then, if i have time, perhaps i can open up the house to exploration and interest.

I think i have made the right choice for this project so i will undergo procedures with the best of my ability and try and learn more new UDK skills along the way.

Level is being built and foundations are set so more updates are on the way soon.

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