Wednesday, 24 April 2013

FMP 9 - Fireflies Particles

I painted a simple alpha dot in photoshop and followed a tutorial to get the dot to the right colour and get a pulsing misty effect going to give it some light. It is only slightly noticable but because it is an emissive, the bloom settings i set in world properties should give it a light glimmer under certain lights and if you get close to them. I messed about with the particle settings to get the fireflies floating about in one limited area. When i was sattisfied, i placed a few here and there and within the forest but i placed swarms of them in the main lake of section 1 above the water because that is mostky where they would be likely to swarm during mating season. I think i am pleased with the effect i achieved in the end as it isn't too over the top. If you fall into the water around main lake, you also need to brush through them to get to the slope near the shelter to get back onto the plank path.

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