Wednesday, 24 April 2013

FMP 11 - Tree Foliage Added

I finally added some foliage to the trees which changes the whole scene more to what i want it to look like. I painted the leaves myself. They are probably a bit unnatural as the leaves are all painted separately and neatly spaced but i could fix that maybe by just adding more leaves to the tree eventually and not being afraid to blend the geometry in with each other.

I used the same material settings on the leaves used the make my grass move with the wind actor. So if the wind was to change in speed or direction or power, they will move with the grass at the same time.

The material setting for my leaves and trees are BLEND_masked meaning, any alpha channel painted areas i made in photoshop will not be seen at all in UDK. If i was to use BLEND transluscent, even the leaves turn out see through which is silly.

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