Wednesday, 24 April 2013

FMP 10 - Fireplace and Fire Particles

The materials are dead simple in this method. The main effects are through the particle system editor in which i followed a tutorial to get my fire flowing. I just needed to make 4 variation textures in photoshop for the fire, and the smoke to get a better more random fire effect. The other effect in the material editors below are simple heatwavey effect you get from real fire. So if you go close to the fire, you can see ripples in the air and smoke release from above the main fire. I painted the fire myself and worked around the cloud filter in photoshop to get the four different smoke textures. I placed all 4 materials in the partcle system editor and tampered with the setting to get my desired firey effect then added it on top of some logs. They glow with the fast flickering light i made the match the fire speed.

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