Saturday, 1 June 2013

FMP 28 - Adding Sound

For sound effects, i carefully gathered what i thought should be the right sounds for my level. Sounds i mainly wanted were:
  • A constant background ambient and bird sounds
  • A gentle fire sound
  • A harsh blowing wind sound from the turbines
  • A gentle watery flowing sound near the house
I gathered the sound effects from a website called containing a large database of users uploaded sound effects who place them under a creative commons licence. I found the sounds i wanted and checked to see if the users allowed them to be used in any way and commercially by others.

Adding sounds was easier than i thought, just by placing the sound actor into the level and importing the wav sound files and attaching them to it. I could change the radius of how far you are from hearing the sound from vague to getting close meaning it would be louder. Any sounds i gathered that were not wav file types could easily be changed online by uploading the sound and re downloading it as the desired wav.

For the background ambient sounds i had to create a sound cue, add the wav file and make it loop, then in kismet, add the sound cue and make it play upon level start.

Because the sound files were rather large and exceeded UDK's recommended package limit, i made a separate package that now needs loading up with my main one if you want to play the sound.

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