Saturday, 1 June 2013

FMP 25 - Furniture for the House

The way i built the furniture was in the same Max file as the house. I left it as a separate object so i could use more space for light mapping. So i set up the assets in thier rooms ready so that when i import them, i can just fit them into place, saving some extra time. Because of the fact that they are extremely simple, one colour assets, that is the reason why i kept them together. Like the house, i unwrapped them separately and converted it to a multi sub object and added the shiny black, pale white, shiny grey and pale grey colours to the right objects.

Due to the time i gave myself i couldn't carry on with making more furniture. I really could have added more items to the house since they are pretty simple and geometric but it was coming close to the end of the last week and i needed to clean up and start taking screenshots and the fy through for final hand in. I left upstairs open plan, so the lights and balcony and plug sockets are still there but the space is empty and bright. From what you can see, i made a dining table and chairs, a central fireplace, a table in the coridoor with a vase on top, a small kitchen sink with some wall cupboards to go with it and a wall mounted tv.

I would have liked it filled more such as a picture frame, a carpet, sofa and chair, fridge, cooker, wall mounted weapons, bathroom shower, sink, toilet, bed, bedroom storage. See i could go on and could have gone crazy with things to fil into the house but by the end, i didnt give myself enough time.

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