Saturday, 1 June 2013

FMP 14 - Water Wheel and Barrel Assets

Thw water wheels use the same texture as the mud as they are quite groggy anyway and i didnt give myself the time to make a specific texture, i thought it fitted well kinda. The barrel is of course the plank texture but i painted on the metal structure and a separate specular for it.

The wheel is just placed with the house showing it perhaps generates its own energy using the water flow from the rivery lake. It doesn't really make sense though because they dont look connected to the house haha, so i should have made a box like well asset to go with it or looked at more reference to make more sense of it. Well hopefully it will be there just for effect and looks okay.

I only placed barrels around the main lake in section 1, some standing up stacked and some lying down stacked. What could be in them? I have no idea but they look rather nice i think.

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