Saturday, 1 June 2013

FMP 21 - Changing the Plank Path

I easily changed the plank UV direction from vertical to horizontal to look less stretched and more detailed. Besides, you would need to carve some pretty long planks to make the long ziggy zaggy pathway to the house eheh.

I broke one section down into the water a bit near the beginning to force the player to swim to the other side and to take the long boring wonder through the path away a bit.

I added walls to the second plank path asset, so to avoid falling while zigzagging through to section 2. It's just there for extra effect to build up to the house scene anyway and easy to add parts like this if im using the same texture.

I added 2 slopes to the section 2 plank path too, just in case you fell into the water and needed to get back up.

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