Saturday, 1 June 2013

FMP 20 - Making the House

Here is some reference for he sort of futuristic open eco bright, neutral, white natural kind of houses i wanted to go for. In 3DS Max i started to piece together a few ideas i had and went with what you see further down below.

I used simple foundations similare to those as seen in my gathered reference to build my desired house. I made a funky roof, a white plank edge, large open windows, showing the inside of the house and letting loads of natural light in. Pillars were made to hold the house up in the water and around the house to show it is being held up well. Upstairs has an outside balcony. The outside roofs have circular lights with udk spotlights shining downwards while the inside lights are long bright rectangles with udk pointlights. Rooms are an open plan upstairs, a large downstairs lounge where the stairs openly lead you upstairs. There is a long corridoor from the entrance that takes you to the lounge and the long backroom which will be the kitchen. Simple furniture will be added later and the water wheel will be added to the sides and back of the house.

I made the windows a separate asset and slotted them in and gave it a simple udk transparent material.

I made the house a multi sub object and gave it mainly plain and neutral colours. Thay are; shiny black for the foundations and guards, white for the ceiling, floor and some walls, a cracked white for the back walls, a yellow emissive for the outside and inside lights and the white brushed wood for the outside floor balcony.

In case anybody wonders, i wanted the plain, simple, geometric look as seen in my found reference pictures. I wanted it to be a clean and original contrast to blend into the warm deep foresty main environment.

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